Lighthouses Light Up a Lake Superior Ride

I’ve noticed an uptick in sales for Ride Lake Superior lately. That’s a good thing, and not just for my checking account. It means that more people are thinking of exploring the wonders around the curving shores of Gitchee Gumee.

A trip around the lake has so much to offer — incredible scenery, interesting riding, great food, lots of history. Lighthouses dot the coastline along the southern shore.  You could spend your entire road trip just climbing lighthouses!

Going around the lake counterclockwise beginning in Wisconsin, there are lights at Wisconsin Point near Superior, Chequamegon, La Pointe and Ashland — not to mention several lights scattered among the Apostle Islands. On Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula alone, there are 17 lighthouses!

The light at Whitefish Point, Michigan, is particularly interesting because it houses the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, which catalogs 550 known shipwrecks that have occurred in Lake Superior. From the first in 1816, to the Edmund Fitzgerald in 1975, the museum depicts the dangers of traveling on Lake Superior. There are artifacts from several wrecks, but the “Fitz’s” large brass bell is a major attraction.

A ride along Lake Superior isn’t complete without a lighthouse tour. If you’re in Michigan, I recommend Whitefish Point. If you’re in Minnesota, iconic Split Rock Lighthouse gives you an in-depth look at the life of a lighthouse keeper as well as spectacular views of Lake Superior.

Go on! Ride Lake Superior this summer!

Lake Superior Trading Takes on “Ride Lake Superior”


Grand Marais, Minnesota, the jumping-off point for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, the arts colony, and beautiful Lake Superior resort town, is the newest place to pick up a copy of Ride Lake Superior and its sister book, Ride Minnesota. Lake Superior Trading Post has just ordered copies.

If you’ve never been to Grand Marais, it, like a motorcycle ride around the Lake, should be on your bucket list. Perched right alongside Lake Superior, it offers spectacular scenery, great rides along the shore (and up the Gunflint Trail), shopping, great food and fun bars to kick back in after a day in the saddle. There’s a fudge shop for chocolate lovers, and a donut shop that’s to die for. There are eight Minnesota State Parks along Hwy. 61. Pick up a motorcycle pass (only $20 and it lasts for a whole year) and visit Gooseberry Falls, Split Rock Lighthouse, Tettegouche, Crosby-Manitou, Temperance River, Cascade River, Judge Magney or Grand Portage. You’ll find great hiking and camping. It’s just five hours north of the Twin Cities.

With the promise of an early spring, a trip to Grand Marais is not that not that far away!

Spring has Sprung! Plan Your Lake Superior Trip Now

Motorcycles came out of Minneapolis garages yesterday with a roar! The rumble, buzz, and whine of motorcycles was in the air throughout the city as the temperature edged up to 60 degrees. Time to start planning your trip around the big lake!

Ride Lake Superior is gaining traction as the temperature rises, too. Zylstra Harley-Davidson in Elk River, Minnesota. recently became the latest retail outlet for the book. Zylstra has been selling its sister book, Ride Minnesota, for a couple of years now. Look for more retail outlets as the season heats up.cropped-greeting.jpg

Can’t Ride? Read!

cropped-ride-lake-supfrontl-cover-web.jpgThe mercury in Minnesota is heading well below zero this weekend. No one in their right mind will be on a motorcycle! Ah, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream of warmer days — and rides — ahead.

If circling Lake Superior is on your bucket list, now’s a good time to plan a trip. Pull your easy chair a little closer to the fire and read Ride Lake Superior. It’s filled with ideas of places to see, things to do and places to stay. And, it includes routes that are closer to the lake and not on the “official” Lake Superior Circle tour.

Motorcycle tourism is a great way to see the world. Start with Lake Superior!

Just in Time for Christmas: Ride Lake Superior at Northway Sports


How’s your Christmas shopping coming? Are you down to the stocking stuffers yet? Head over to Northway Sports at 21429 Ulysses St. N.E. in East Bethel and pick up a copy of Ride Lake Superior for the biker in your life. Even though the weather is mild this weekend, Mother Nature will soon see to it that the temperatures go down and snow hits the ground. A great time curl up with a book!

New Book Encourages Motorcyclists to “Ride Lake Superior”

RIDE LAKE SUPfrontl -COVER-webA new book by Minnesota author Cynthia Lueck Sowden encourages motorcyclists to throw a leg over their bikes and ride around Lake Superior.

Although many bikers try to zip around the big lake in as little time as possible, Sowden recommends taking time to enjoy the ride. Ride Lake Superior details a motorcycle trip Sowden and her husband took around Lake Superior. It offers tips on things to do, places to stay and eat, and U.S.-Canadian border crossing tips. It also maps rides that are not included on the official Lake Superior Circle Tour.

Sowden is the author of Ride Minnesota, 23 Great Motorcycle Rides in the North Star State and An Anniversary to Remember. She is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.